This page is all about Zombiepedia.

Zombiepedia the only Encyclopedia to address the important subject of the undead, defensibility during an outbreak and scientific analysis of the zombie phenomenon. Editors can assist Zombiepedia by adding articles on Zombies, both fact and fiction, as well as contributing known survival techniques.

Zombiepedia's content is focused primarily on the works of Max Brooks, with other zombie films, stories, books, games and other media being permitted, subject to administrator discretionary limits. In line with Brooks' stylings, many sections do not clearly state a satirical tone, nor acknowledge any other interpretations of the zombie or media (Thus the mention of "Zombie Fact"). This is implied, unless otherwise stated.


Founded on May 1st, 2007, Zombiepedia died several months later, then (appropriately enough) rose from the grave at the beginning of 2009 as new members began to discover and edit Zombiepedia, allowing the wiki to flourish once more.

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