In 2014, Bergen in Norway finally had its first zombie walk. It was arranged by a little group of three women; Yvonne, Marie & Juni. They got help from the club Cosplayers United. Yvonne participated on a zombie walk in Calgary, and realized that there was something missing at home; she had to start up a zombie walk there. She gathered a couple of friends and made it happen.

The first zombie walk in Bergen's history was arranged on October 18th in pouring rain and cold weather. The around 30 people that showed up still had a great time, and wanted this to become yearly event. Competitions were held, and the prices went to "best  immersion" (acting like a zombie), "best makeup" and "best zombie". An additional prize was made up there and then for the only kid that had joined, so he got a prize for "scariest zombie"

In 2015 Bergen had it's second zombie walk. This time a little earlier in the year, now on August 22nd. Around 40 people participated in this. Competitions was held again, and this time the prices went to "best  immersion", "best costume" and "best zombie", and also "most creative zombie" and "best hunter". There was also a zombie selfie contest where they would take a selfie and submit to the contest folder on Facebook.

Again, Yvonne was the organizer, and she had Marie and now Lena in her zombie committee. Cosplayers United helped out again, and this time Gunvor Rasmussen, the owner of Gunvor Handmade Illustration, was a good help in the process and also made an awesome poster.

Bergen Kommune (Bergen municipality) supported Bergen Zombie Walk financially and considered the event as a success!

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