Zombie Grenades Practice - HTC Vive VR Game 2018 (Teaser Trailer)

Zombie Grenades Practice - HTC Vive VR Game 2018 (Teaser Trailer)

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Zombie Grenades Practice is a game, which combines adventure, action, strategy genres and offers a unique experience of being a hero, who should avert a zombie apocalypse. 


Zombie Grenades Practice is compatible with the HTC Vive platform and the game requires tracked motion controllers to play. These controllers allow the player to interact with the world around, move objects and hold them in hands. The participant uses different types of grenades (frag, contact, bouncing, radio, UV grenades). The player throws one or two grenades simultaneously to kill all zombies. In addition, there are other objects that can be used to destroy the undead. Motion in the game is performed by means of teleportation. In a single-player mode, the player explores mysterious and dangerous places, full of zombies. The participant can complete fifteen levels, which differ in a setting and tasks. Thus, some levels conceal challenging brainteasers, while other levels are dedicated to grenades of various types. The development of the plot depends on the player’s actions and there’s no a universal way to complete each level.

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