The Wildfire Virus is an infectious viral agent, which is shown in at least 2 different franchises, but both are able to infect humans and create zombies.

Day of the Dead (2008)[]

The Wildfire virus is bio-engineered virus in the remake of Day of the Dead was developed as bio-weapon to peacefully defeat enemy combatants by temporarily shutting down their nervous system. However, the virus mutated and caused people who are infected by its becoming utterly aggressive and crave for blood. The mutation also causes the zombies to be highly flammable and combustible as it is shown that if the infected are being lit in flame, they will combust and disintegrate into ashes.

The Walking Dead[]

Wildfire Virus

In The Walking Dead, the Wildfire Virus was heavily implied to have been created by the La biomedcine DDMI in late 2009-early 2010 and later discovered in April of 2010 by the C.D.C and would become the main cause for the zombie apocalypse which brought about the end of civilization 4 months later. It began as an airborne pathogen, which infected most of the human populace, remaining dormant in their bodies until they died. Once death had occurred, the virus reanimated the body, concentrating in the nervous system of the infected and therefore, become vassals for the virus in general, becoming creatures known as zombies or walkers. All fluids then become carriers for the disease, extremely transmissible via through open wounds of healthy humans, with no known cure for it and medical treatments being 100% ineffective against it. Gestation of the virus typically goes from 2 minutes to 8 hours, caused by being bitten, scratched or an open wound exposed to infected fluids. Infected individuals typically regain their senses and motor functions, however incapable of any kind of higher thinking. They act on the most primitive and animal instincts and aggressions, particularly to feed on flesh of either the living or the freshly dead. Their senses typically can detect if a target is indeed dead or living, as well as capable of detecting physical sensations, loud noise, fast movements and even light. The virus infecting the walkers typically also enhances the physical strength, speed and stamina, allowing them to grab onto targets and move without tiring.

The virus has no known cure and normal medical treatments are 100% ineffective against it, although such treatments are able to slow the infection and extend the life of infected individuals. Though the virus enhances the senses of the infected, being covered in infected fluids is capable of masking the scent of living people. The most well known way to ensure that the infected don't come back following their expiration is head trauma by any means, ranging from blunt or blades to the brain, decapitation or shooting the brain.

Trivia (incomplete)[]

-The virus’ name is a reference to the government branch Wildfire from the Andromeda Strain.