Main Point.

In a zombie apocalypse there are often many tough decisions that you have to make. Who to team with? Who to protect? Who has to go, if it comes to that? Well, what about from the other side of things? What types of tough decisions do the zombies have to make? Now we all know that zombies, in general, are a mindless beings with no desire in life but to eat human flesh and brains, but what if they had to make tough decisions too. Specifically, who do I eat first? According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, zombies do have a conscious thought although they're imaginary creatures. Assuming that zombie do have more of a conscious than we previously thought, it is likely that they too have some sort of method of choosing who lives and who dies.

How to decide?

Option #1

One thing that could contribute to the choice of the zombie feast is the person of opportunity. Are zombies purely creatures that only kill something when the person presents them self in such a manor that a zombie cannot resist? Or do they kill for a different reason entirely? In most modern zombie related pictures, such as The Walking Dead, it seems like the people who get eaten by zombies are either not paying attention or were simply overrun to cause their demise. So that essentially makes these kills, people of opportunity.

Option #2

The second thing is that zombies actually choose which person to go after. They may go after a person because they are weaker or slower than the rest of the bunch, because let's face it there's always a fat slow guy who is the first to go. Maybe it is possible that the fat zombies only go after fat people,

FAT Zombie

there as endless possibilities and scenarios to what goes on in the mid of a zombie. Or if we are thinking deeper into this, what if zombies were to choose their victims based on the size of their head? I mean their main goal is to eat brains so bigger head sounds like more brains to me. Essentially what I'm trying to say is that I feel that zombies kills are more than just a random act of flesh eating goodness, zombies have to have a purpose behind their killings.

Final Thoughts

Although zombies are often seen as mindless beings who just randomly kill, I feel that they have a methodical approach to choosing a victim. There are films out there, such as Warm Bodies, which look into the mind of a zombie and see that they are just out here for survival too. Although they are definitely trying to kill you so don't be to relaxed, they likely have motive to their madness and it is all to answer the big question, who do I eat next?


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