as all of the hardcore Zombie Fanatics are on this site, I think it'd be best to post this here: I'm a writer (one who knows exactly how many liters of blood it takes to pass out, and how to fight in nearly any situation...) so, I'd like to make this a thing: a list of appropriate types of Zombies (for instance, are Runners more common, and how do Screamers draw Zombies besides just screaming at the top of their lungs?), what would work for certain types of people (a list of transportation, weapons, skillset, and the crew they roll with), as well as, finally, (I'm a writer, sue me for being creative) how you would take the fight to them. because my books assume you're out of (or nearly) the survival stage, and are looking to take the fight to them.

three things to consider with this is this: it's meant to be realistic, but not perfectly. it is my own work, but that means I'm open to reasonable discussion. I'm not going to tolerate whining, so if you don't like something, let me know in a reasonable, mild-as-possible comment that has as little swearing as possible (I won't fault you for using Fuck and Shit, but Cunt and Faggot, and the like, are considered no's, and I won't even respond to you for using them). besides that, I don't care about being respectful, just take it offline if you're gonna cuss each other out.

so, without further ado, what would you like as the first post? possabilities include: Types: how common are each form? Tactics: on the run: what is the best way to keep a low prfile while using something loud? People: Male ex-Military: why you shouldn't skip out on a military instruction class.

also, no matter what, it'll include the first post of People, which are generally survivors (Normals) who have a group of anywhere from 0-60. mostly anywhere from 2-15.

the first person will be William Harris Smith, born of Phoenix, Arizona, Ex-military with the former rank of Corporal (I'm not particularly knowledgable on rankings, so please, any Military or ex-Military, please enlighten me).

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