I have noticed several problems with this wiki's survival quiz. First off, it is lacking in many importaint questions, such as (approximate) age and medical experience. If you are 14 or 78, you have a much lower chance of surviving than a 30 year old. It also does not mention medical conditions, and you will not survive very long if you need a medicine daily to stay alive. It also does not ask the population density of your area, and it will be much harder to survive in a city such as New York than the countryside. Lastly, it does not mention how long people who don't survive probablaly will (i.e.  under 24 hours, a week, 3 months). In my opinion, these are importaint issues that must be addressed. Here is another quiz for referance (As far as I know, the facts are mostly correct, but I've only read WWZ and this wiki): Quiz. (Note: Not mine.)