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  • I live in Western New York
  • I was born on June 3
  • My occupation is Janitor at a Truck Shop
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  • Alockwood1

    Zombie Movies

    August 24, 2013 by Alockwood1

    If you're like me, then odds are that you watch zombie movies, at least once in a while. 

    What I want you to do is, tell me about a zombie movie you watched recently, and perhaps your favorite scene, or some cool quote. After all, not all of us watch the stuff that gets into the theaters, and instead watch the Made-for-TV shows on Sci-Fi and Chiller.

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  • Alockwood1

    Given that actors tend to be people- though I personally wonder about those who think that they are above everything, including the law- they will be affected by the ZA. So, which ones do you think would survive?

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  • Alockwood1

    Personal Weapons

    October 5, 2011 by Alockwood1

    What would be your choice for a personal weapon?

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