Trixie is an unknown toxin/disease blamed for infecting local townspeople via consumption of the contaminated water supply from Hopman Bog in Ogden Marsh, gradually transforming its victims into mindless, calculative, depraved, bloodthirsty killers preying on neighbors and families, including strangers seen in the 1973 original film The Crazies and the 2010 remake film The Crazies.


Little is known about Trixie; Trixie is apparently a man-made but most rarest top-secret 'Rhabdoviridae Prototype ' as supposedly Trixie certainly have multiple types of rhabdoviruses that figures which strains are much more violent compared to other strains. Trixie was accidentally unleashed and tainted the water supply of 'Hopman Bog' of Ogden Marsh, via the U.S. governmental aircraft catastrophically crashing down as the fire ignites, losing management on the aircraft before crashing.


By definition, Trixie is defined as Some kind of mutated string of rabies that affects the brain and drives the infected victim insane, sending them on a murderous rampage. Trixie was designed to destabilize the population by amping up the targeted population into homicidal rage and madness, which is where people transforms into mindless killers to eliminate target areas. The infected were driven by insanity until instant death after peaking up to the incubation period of 48 hours, meaning the infected 'crazies' only have three days left to live and kill remaining uninfected victims until they reached to the exact point of dying.

Trapped In Ground Zero

An injured Intelligence officer crashed down when Russell release spike strips on the isolated road in the middle of the plains where officer drove his SUV. There the officer confronts David Dutton where he interrogates the officers about the containment of the crashed aircraft he and Russell witnessed. The aircraft was en route to Texas to incinerate Trixie, demonstrating the U.S. government tries to combat against what the government have genetically engineered. It was obvious how he tried attempting to help the parachuted pilot instead he died and was too late. In the midst of speaking, David seeks for help from the officer instead was interrupted by Russell shooting the officer's head.

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