The virus is a supernatural pathogen that appears in the [ REC ] series. Evidence in the film [ REC ] 2 supports the "infection" was created when Priest Albelda was trying to cure a child of demonic possession , but something went wrong when mutated enzyme used in a virus that was contagious demonic possession . Keep matters is referred to as the " virus" of the characters has as no name.


The infection is transmitted by bite or exposure to infected blood. The incubation can vary from minutes to days depending on the host's blood . The only way to terminate an infected host is to destroy the brain or cut the head of the spine. It is known for the spread of the virus in dogs. The infected owned / run fast and guests can climb walls.


There was an outbreak in an apartment in Barcelona, ​​Spain when a pet dog named "Max" and spread an old lady( she was the first infected person on record at the time) who proceeded to spread around the floor became infected . At the same time , in a marriage, same dog that caused the outbreak in Barcelona also caused the infection from spreading there. Both sites were quarantined and suggests that the apartment was destroyed in [ REC ] 2 as woman was possessed by a demon slug who had disguised his voice as the voice of the priest who claimed to be a doctor and ordered the building to be destroyed.

measures preventivas

Holy water and keeps crucifixs infected / possessed at bay. To destroy is as stated above, destroys the brain.

Mental State of infected

The infected / possessed have a hive-mind . They can talk and are controlled by the person possessed by the head demon.

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