The Red Room Virus a subliminal message on the Red Room, a social network that turns people into zombies. It is the main antagonist of the 2013 horror film Antisocial. It's unique among zombie viruses, as it's not a bilogical sickness but actually a computer virus.


The virus was initially a subliminal message used by the CEO of the Red Room. It was embedded in the site to brainwash people into liking and using his site more. At first, he believed the only side-effect was the occasional nose bleed, but he soon discovers his workers were hiding the fact that it caused large spikes in violent behavior. He tried to shut it down, but he realized it evolved like a real virus, changing to protect itself from humans, which it now views as a threat. It wrote a new subliminal program that turned people into violent zombies. There were two kinds of zombies: those who died and reanimated, and those who were living people.

The first symptoms of the virus are bleeding from the nose and ears. Next, those affected begin having auditory and visual hallucinations, usually involving people they know. Next, they go into a violent frenzy. The virus works by somehow rewriting the brain's cells to form a tumor, which actually acts as a second brain that begins to slowly take over the host's body. Once taken over, the host goes on a killing spree, though the exact levels of aggression vary, the overwhelming majority are little more than animals but at least have some conscience left. One infected even shot the CEO of the Red Room. When one of the main characters turns as well, he talks to his former friend before killing him. There's only one way to cure the virus, and that is to drill into right temple and remove the artery giving blood to the tumor. If the hallucination has already started, however, it's too late. The tumors converse signal data between each other, forming a sort of hive instinct, though that's somewhat controversial. the strongest instance of this being proven true was when the main character turned, but could still speak. He told his former friend that they were all connected. Also, one of the others killed the CEO seemingly to stop him from warning the uninfected about the virus.

As much has psychology goes, the Red Room infected are almost exactly like the 28 Days Later infected in behavior. After about twelve hours or so prior to first contact with the virus, the tumor grows so large it bursts from the host's head, killing them. They stay dead for a few more hours, meanwhile the tumor continues to grow until they rise again, now truly undead, but the movie ends after this so there so no more information about this stage.

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