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Surviving a Class 1 or 2 outbreak only takes a few simple steps. These steps are generally to prevent easy mistakes and things that can be prevented in the post apocalyptic world.

The Steps

Step 1- Do not panic. You will not be able to do anything productive unless your mind is clear and you can think straight. A few minutes spent calming down is a few minutes well spent that could save your life.

Step 2 - Information. Figure out where the Outbreak occurred, the scale of the outbreak, the response of the authorities, and most importantly, if it is a standard Romero-Brooks type outbreak. If Resident Evil or 28 Days Later-type Undead occur, the situation is far worse.

Step 3 - If you are unable to gather information provided by Step 2, either fortify all points of entry into you base or prepare to leave. Both methods include gathering food, fuel, a source of power, a source of information (i.e Radio), and preparing an exit strategy. This is also the stage to find a weapon at your disposal, preferably a firearm (Rifles or carbines are preferred), or in one of the more "worst case scenarios" hand to hand weapons (machetes/swords, clubs).

Step 4 - Gather willing friends/allies to help defend your location or crew your escape vehicle/convoy

Step 5 - Stay quiet! You should only fight the undead if necessary. Noise will only attract more zombies.

Step 6 - Always have a method of escaping and preferably an alternative base with equipment to run to. Sure you may have survived the initial horde attack but now your stuck outside without cover. (Have a zombie plan for your zombie plan!)

Step 7 - Keep alert! Zombies, depending on the scale of the outbreak, could be anywhere.

Step 8 - Depending if you are the only ones fortifying a location, keep in constant contact with your "rational" friends or family.
Step 9 - Be prepared to take on road gangs who will be willing to start a war over a tanker full of juice.

If you are more interested in the matter of surviving a zombie attack, pick up a copy of the Zombie Survival Guide, if you haven't already.