Seif al Din is a bioweapon that apears in the Jonathan Maberry novel Patient Zero. This pathogen is a parasite that infects the brain with prion protein and turns an infected host into a zombie. A bite from a walker (Term for zombie in the novel) is 100% infectious. Seif al Din translates into "Sword of the Faithful" in english. A major outbreak at the Liberty Bell Center was stopped by the fictional Department of Military Sciences. Later on in the novel Code Zero the disease is used in several bioterrorist attacks that kill over 6000 people.


  • Discoloration of skin
  • Fever
  • Coughing
  • Neurodegeration
  • Coma

To note, most of the other symptoms are related to the real disease Fatal Familial Insomia.


This disease pathogen would not have been able to evolve in nature as noted by DMS scientists. This disease is a combination of- Fatal Familial Insomia and a few parasites as well as a viral delivery system and made with many chemicals.


The purpose for the creation of the disease was for the islamic terrorists was to kill the "enemies" of Islam but the original purpose was to create a drug and get rich by selling a suppresant. Later on in Code Zero, a terrorist known as "Mother Night" used the disease in bioterrorist attacks to create fear and chaos.

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