Secret room1
Secret rooms are a very poor place to survive in, depending on how it was made. If it has a heavy door that is hidden from view, it may be a slightly more viable option, because zombies will have a difficult time get through and bandits will have a very difficult time finding the room. If a secret room is like a compartment, or a reservable bookshelf, it is a bad place to set up a safe house since those entrances are generally not heavy and can be fairly easily broken through. More often than not, secret rooms are also small.


  • The room is hard to find by bandits, so the only thing you really have to worry about is zombies.
  • There is may be only one or two entrances to a secret room, so it's easier to barricade.
  • Some preppers may hide their sashes in a secret room, so you may rarely find supplies.
  • They often are used as some sort of entertainment room, either for children or as a man cave. So books, comics, or toys and children books could be found.
  • There are other things the room could used for so you could find a variety of items such as: alcohol, guns, or formerly valuable objects.


  • The room will generally be small.
  • Very,very rarely will you come across a secret room, and chances are you will miss it.
  • Some secret rooms can only be accessed using electricity.
  • If you are in the early days of the apocalypse you may find living people in these rooms. They may be friendly or the might not, but given you were probably just looting their home they might be moved to aggression.
  • Later in the apocalypse you may find zombies in these rooms of people who starved. Fighting them in what will probably be a small space may be difficult.
  • It will be small and zombies have a great sense of smell so you will be trapped.
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