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Scopes are attachments used on firearms to improve the users accuracy. In a zombie apocalypse, having a scope will greatly increase your chance of survival when put on the right type of firearm


30mm Tube 6-20x 56mm Illuminated Mil-Dot Reticle.


Bolt action and Lever action rifles

Bolt and lever action rifles commonly use non-electrical scopes. Although most law enforcement officials and military personnel use automatic of semi-automatic firearms, these negate the desire to switch to full-auto, thus wasting bullets. Scopes are recommended for all types of rifles.
Bolt action rifle with scope

Bolt action rifle with scope

Assault rifles

Assault rifles tend to use mid-ranged scopes. It is highly recommended to stay on the "semi-auto" mode to save ammunition.

Battle Rifles

Battle Rifles are basically assult rifles with larger bullets. This means that they are better at long range against armored enemies (bandits or undead military/special forces personnel). A long range scope would greatly increase the effectiveness of this weapon.


It is highly recommended to refrain from using a scope on a shotgun

Sniper Rifles

Since sniper rifles are designed for long range combat, it is highly recommended to equip a scope for easier use.
Hunting rifle

Common civilian hunting rifle


It is not recommended to use a scope with a handgun.

Submachine Guns

Using a scope with a submachine gun is recommended, but not required to increase chance of survival.
Submachine gun with scope

Silenced submachine gun with scope


Scopes could come in handy when used with the right type of firearm.

Scopes are magnified, 1-4x are sights, 4x and on are scopes.

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