The Raj-Singh manuever is a basic box military formation, renamed for the effectiveness Indian General Raj-Singh had as he employed it against the Zombies. Infantrymen form four lines (or if they have a barrier, they may set up against it, to secure one side, and strengthen the additional assault lines) around their supply cache. Other variations have several ranks to their lines, so that a kneeling line and a standing line can alternate volleys of fire. Furthermore, the medical supplies, water, rations, and other valuables should also be kept in the center.

Plentiful ammunition is a requirement for the manuever. Because the tactic can, if effectivly managed, cope with very high concentrations of zombies, the real contest is not humans vs zombies, but a battle to discover whether there are more bullets than zombies at the battle. This uncertainty makes steady nerves, physical and mental stamina, and accurate shot placement critical.

Care must always be taken to ensure that the perimeter of shooters remains viable and intact. The confusion and chaos that can be sowed by a single zombie can destroy an entire army, especialy if the interior is devoid of guards.

General Raj-Singh successfully used the manuever during the infamous Battle of Ghandi Park. Although the battle was ultimately lost when Raj-Singh's men ran out of ammunition, they were successfully able to hold off a horde of millions of zombies until that point, making them pay for every inch. The drastic effect resulting simply from a change in deployment stood in stark contrast to the disaster at the Battle of Yonkers in the United States. Unlike at Yonkers, Raj-Singh understood that he was combating what was essentially a human-wave attack, and adjusted tactics accordingly. Ultimately, when the ammunition ran out and the box formation was overrun, only a handful of the soldiers engaged in the battle could be evacuated by helicopter. Raj-Singh himself did not want to leave his men and would have stayed behind in the last stand, resulting in one of his subordinates having to knock him unconscious with blow from his rifle-butt to force him onto the last evacuation helicopter.

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