• Cambridge University scientists, named Clive and Warren, attempt to create an anger inhibitor. The dosage was insufficient, so they spliced the inhibitor with a genome of Ebola, to make a contagion version of the inhibitor.
  • A laboratory in London starts to test the new medical product on chimps.
  • The experiment fails—mutating into a blood and saliva-born Rage Virus—and the chimps are infected with rage.


  • April - A group of animal rights activists break in the laboratory and try to free the chimps, unfortunately with success. The group and all of the scientists in the lab are attacked by the chimps and get infected with rage. Soon the virus is sweeping across the country killing thousands and infecting thousands more. The government declares a state of emergency and orders to army to restore order, but soon the infected outnumber the living and the country faces certain destruction, forcing what remains of the government to order the UK be abandoned the the remaining popuation seek shelter in other countries.
  • May - A group of soldiers send out a message to other survivors to come to their fortress for safety.
  • circa September- The survivors of 28 Days Later see a Finnish Air Force recon jet flying overhead, which spots their "HELLO" message on the ground.

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