The Molotov cocktail, also known as a petrol bomb, gasoline bomb or fire bomb is an improvised incendiary device (IID). Due to the ease of production they are used by less equipped fighters, that cannot afford to or doesn't have the materials to make hand grenades.


A Molotov cocktail is a breakable bottle that contains a flammable substance such as gasoline or a napalm like mixture, usually the source of the ignition is a wick such as a piece of cloth is held in place by the bottles stopper and soaked in alcohol or kerosene.

In effect, the wick is ignited and the cocktail tossed at the target's feet. When the bottle smashes on impact the droplets of petrol ignite and become a fireball. Other flammable liquids such as wood alcohol and turpentine can be used instead of petrol, thickening agents such as tar, sugar, blood, or motor oil can be used to create a cloud of thick choking smoke.


  • Easy to produce. The products needed to make one are found in most homes and stores.
  • Shock and awe weapon. Can be used on bandits or raiders to scare them off. Nobody wants to see someone burst into flames.
  • The flame can gradually destroy a small group of undead.


  • Despite many video games and movies, fire cannot kill a zombie quickly. The fire usually goes out before the zombie brain has been destroyed. Some argue, however, that in some cases, the fire could destroy enough soft tissue to render the zombie immobile or impotent.
  • Much like a hand grenade, a fumbled Molotov due to stress or sweaty palms can have horrific consequences. Bottles are not made to be thrown.
  • Some bottles are also made to be shatter resistant. Movies greatly exaggerate this force needed and surface hardness required to shatter typical bottled spirits.
  • When used on a zombie, it will light aflame and will be able to burn fortifcations or burn people it grabs.
  • It can burn buildings and houses, so its advised to throw one far away from where your holding up.

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