This is a page about the different kinds of zombies in Minecraft, a popular sandbox video game. Please see the Minecraft Wiki for more in-depth information.

Regular Zombies

These are regular zombies, which are found in the Overworld. There are 3 types: Zombies These are regular zombies. They have some intelligence remaining, being able to pick up weapons and armor and use them, and able to climb ladders. Luckily, they do not infect a person or NPC unless they are killed, even if they are bitten. They cannot run, and burn in the sun (as of 1.13. They do not burn in the sun in older updates.)

Baby Zombies

These are just like regular zombies, exept shorter, able to run, do not burn in sunlight, and are slightly weaker.

Zombie Villager

These are created when a zombie kills and infects a villager (NPC). The zombified villagers are just different-looking zombies that act the same as regular zombies. If a zombie kills a baby villager, it gets infected and turns into a baby zombie villager, and acts just like a regular baby zombie.


Husks are zombies that spawn in deserts and do not burn in sunlight. They are also taller and inflict the "hunger" status effect on people when they are attacked. They do not have a zombie villager counterpart.

Zombie Pigmen

These are like regular zombies, exept for the following:

  • They spawn in the Nether, instead of the Overworld (unless a pig is struck by lightning, which is very rare).
  • They cannot infect Villagers.
  • They do not attack the player by default.
  • Unless they were pigs struck by lightning, they all have golden swords.
  • When one is attacked, it will make a grunt before attacking, which alerts all zombie pigmen within 32 meters, which do the same, causing a chain swarm.
  • The babies have almost no flesh on their heads.

Thus, they are much more dangerous if you hit one on accident.

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