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  • hey there, I'm Reap's. I'm a writer, and I like to create. a lot. I was wondering, seeing as you're the only one who is recent besides N, who I've already tried helping, do you midn if I pick your brains? I generally don't do much here, though I'm active, at least, once a month. this is actually my first time back since a few weeks. at least, seriously.

    so, without further ado, do you mind if I pick your brains over various subjects, including: armerments, protective gear, survival goods, ways to take the fight to the Undead, and various Zombie book ideas in my head.

    before, however, you respond, know that I do like crossing lines, and specifically, I have an idea including something along the lines of the Neomorph and the standard Biter Zeke.

    anyway, thanks, here's hoping I didn't miss your activity.

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    • well, unlike that screenplay writer, I do this whenever I can. still, doesn't mean I'm good enough at it.

      and I notice how you're blowing a hole out of the loosest strut.

      but, without getting too far into that, I'm going to say this: help me.

      if you really have all these great ideas and point-blank statements that eat into the meat and potatoes (sorry if the spelling sucks on this, hasty as all bloody hell) of why things are as they are, then you should do something with them. not saying help me do my work for me, but help me with fleshing out characters. I'm still in bloody high-school, and I'm no child prodigy. hell, I've been stuck on the same research paper for over a Month! so, help me where you can, and we'll both benefit.

      that's all I can say for the day, most likely. got a busy work schedule for today.

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    • and what about all the other statements? for instance, why are you not blowing holes out of using mythical creatures? what about that? and you said nothing of the fact I didn't use any real-life examples to compare it to, hell, I referenced more movies than I referenced anything else!

      and if I'm wrong about this, please tell me, but I've got an idea for how to solve that flight crisis.

      see, a Wyvern is heavy. that's just how they're described. so, long story short, do these things:

      hollow out the bones, make the bones out of a lightweight, durable material. take Carbon Fiber, it's remarkably strong, light, and has plenty of uses besides the fact it could (maybe?) be used as bones.

      wings always need to be more efficient, reduce drag. Wings are the special sauce of flight, without them or some serious propulsion, you're not going anywhere. and then you'd only be able to steer with extreme propulsion. so, make the wings larger, thin them out. also, why do Wyverns have to be these spiky fuckers, like a fucking Cactus? even if you can be a Barrel Cactus in a pair of fairy wings, it ain't gonna fly. as well, why do they need poison? those evolutionary traits could easily be repurposed, such as Embryo injection? and finally, sure, they need muscle, but make it better at its goddamn job, please.

      so, that's all I've got to say today.

      Trices (talk) 19:19, December 12, 2019 (UTC)

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  • For your hard work and dedication, you have been promoted to Moderator. Congratulations.

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  • As a long time contributer I would like to thank you for contributing so many World War 2 weapons to the wiki. I myself added some but thanks to you we have many more. Also, do you think you can do the thing you've been doing on the pages you are making with our older pages?

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  • Hi, welcome to Zombiepedia! Thanks for your edit to the File:Sten Mk 2.jpg page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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