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Mac 10

Ingram MAC-10 open bolt submachine gun - .45 ACP

This small compact machine pistol holds anywhere from 10 to 50 rounds, if you can find a large enough magazine, and can pack a suprising punch. This weapon when silenced can be a lethal tool as well as when trying to avoid attracting large groups of zombies, while still being able let out a steady stream of lead to kill some too. This weapon is small enough to be called a machine pistol and, as with most pistols, can be duel-wield; although it is not recommended with MAC-10's due to the high skill level required to actually hit something, and the large amount of ammunition that you would be blowing through. Getting a stockpile of ammo can be expensive, as a short burst of fire can cost up to $15. Watch out though, firing a MAC-10 on full auto causes a lot of recoil and diminishing accuracy making zombie headshots hard to achieve. These can be found in many gun stores across the U.S., older ones (open bolt) might be modded for full-auto (foolishly) in gangs and (closed bolt) semi-auto's in the stores. Open bolt designs can have less recoil as the bolt is slamming into the barrel at the time of firing, counteracting some of the recoil impulse. Modifying the sear on any weapon is highly unrecomended as the weapon will fire as soon as the weapon is cocked, and will continue to fire until all ammo is expended. Closed bolt weapons are notably more accurate thant their open bolt cousins. So remember, when dealing with zombies, MAC-10's can be a lifesaver as a last resort.


  • High fire rate
  • Large magazine size
  • Ammunition for it is common


  • High fire rate is unnecessary for killing zombies
  • Runs out of ammunition quickly
  • High recoil, due to the light weight and fully automatic fire

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