Otherwise Known as a Class 4 outbreak or "The Zombiepocalypse", an outbreak of this scale signifies when the forces of mankind fail against the zombies and zombies replace humans as the dominant species of earth. During the beginning of this level's outbreak many people will try to create strongholds out of their homes and shoot anything that moves. Small to Medium groups of people will band together and raid the country for supplies to fuel them. All of the worlds political leaders will hole up in bunkers safe from the zombies and all military and police forces will either desert to be with their loved ones or be called to guard the political leaders. No help will come for anyone as the zombies slowly devour life on the planet. There are 3 possible outcomes for this type of outbreak.


1. Zombies manage to get every last human, and they turn to attack animals. Eventually, they rot away, leaving the Earth a barren wasteland with few animals. Those most likely to survive are micro organisms, plants, small insects, most birds, tree-dwelling animals, and sea creatures. This is the most pessimistic future for humanity

2. Humans in isolated regions in the world survive, but they are too weak and small in numbers to do anything except wait out the apocalypse. As a result, the vast majority of the Earth is ruled by zombies. The human population number may vary from 1,000-1,000,000.

3. Through a series of strong, capable individuals, the remaining humans will unite and manage to defeat the undead hordes and completely eliminate them from certain areas of the Earth and attempt to repopulate. The government of the unified humanity can vary; from a democracy to a barbarian regime. Human population numbers once again vary depending on how well the humans responded to the threat. After an amount of time ranging from several decades to several centuries after the outbreak reached class 4, the humans of this new unified government(s) will be given a second chance to develope. This is the most optimistic future for humanity in a class 4 outbreak.

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