Television Series

Jim was one of the Atlanta survivors. He had a wife and two kids where they lived in Atlanta. He was bitten by a
Jim Death

Jim (TV Series)

walker when they invaded their camp at the end of Vatos.



Almost nothing is known about Jim's life prior to the outbreak; he may have been living in the city of Atlanta during his lifetime along with his family. He was an auto mechanic and specialized in car and vehicle repair. During the outbreak, Jim, his wife, and his two kids were attacked by walkers, with Jim narrowly escaping while his family were eaten alive by the walkers.


Jim (Comic Series)

Comic Series

Jim was a mechanic living with his family in Atlanta.



Not much has been revealed about Jim's past. It is told he was a mechanic, and had at least a sister, wife, and mother, and between them they all had five children.


When the dead began to rise, Jim remained generally unaware of this until the city, decreed a safe zone by the government, gradually started to become overrun with the undead. Jim saw his garage boss getting infected, and Jim was among the few who escaped from the city as it was completely overwhelmed, though his entire family died in the chaos, shielding him from the zombies long enough to allow him to escape.

Emotionally traumatized and devastated, when Jim joined the survivor group just beyond the city's outer limits, Jim became the most taciturn member of the group, revealing almost nothing about his past and barely saying a word.

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