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The International Association for the Advancement of Zombie People, or IAAZP, is a zombie advocacy organization. The stated purpose of the organization is to advance the rights of Zombies from all over the world to be free of prejudice by humanizing zombies, and illustrating the negative portrayals in the media.


The IAAZP's international leadership is directed by a six member board, three Zombies, and three living people. Each individual chapter of the organization is headed by a two person board, which in turn reports to the international board. The organization's base of operations is kept secret due to external threats of violence.


Started in 2008 by Doug, a former office worker turned Zombie, the IAAZP quickly garnered the support of the Living and the Undead. The organization is maintained and developed by members of both races.


The IAAZP is a grass roots based organization, advocating community based activism, as well as promotion within the media and towards governments and government officials. The organization also plans media events and rallies in support of their cause. The organization also offers support for individual chapters and membership within the organization.


The IAAZP philosophy is that the rights of all creatures, living and undead, are damaged by prejudicial actions toward any one group. The stated belief of the organization is that Zombies have been portrayed in the media as mindless flesh and brain eating monsters and have rarely been issued any counterpoint. Their aim is to correct that view and present a balanced view of all Zombies.

The organization also advocates the integration of Zombie kind as fully fledged members of society, being allowed to marry, vote, and take part in all aspects of human interaction.


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