The Human Reanimation Virus (HRV) (AKA- The Death, Lazarus virus) is a ficitional pathogen in the books Zombie Apocalypse, Zombie Apocalypse: Fight Back and Zombie Apocalypse: Endgame by author Stephen Jones.


This fictional disease originated in England and patient zero is antagonist Thomas Moreby. This virus is the cause of a zombie apocalypse which started in England. The infection was released when the "New Festival of Britain" was being made at "All Hallows Church" and this is spread by infected fleas. However in the third and final book End Game the disease was revealed to be engineered by New World Pharmaceuticals due to Thomas Moreby using a time machine so he could create the disease.


  • Fever
  • Necrosis
  • Delrium
  • Death
  • Reanimation

Science of the virus


There are a few ways to get infected. There is being bitten by an infected person, being bitten by infected fleas and some evidence suggest infection by animals. The virus seems to be 100% infectious and is very contagious, however in Washington Deceased and End Game it is revealed that there are some people immune to the infection. Any fluids carried by the zombies are infectious. The virus can lay dormant in fleas for many years and can last a long time outside a host. It is also transmitted through sexual contact if a person is infected but has not turned.

Microbiology of infection

Once the virus infects cells the cells in the blood stream join in rose-like patterns called Tremlet Cells which is more or less "zombie cells". This happens in the entire body and the end result is becoming a zombie. The virus is hidden in bacteria which are hidden in the fleas. The virus layed dormant for years and remains infectious. Later is was revealed the fleas carrying the virus were biologically engineered

Psychology of the Zombies

It should be noted that the zombies are not the same person as the host. This is confirmed by Thomas Moreby that he is not the same person as the original host but a new personality created by the network of virus and bacteria.


There is NO treatmeant for infection. Once infected you will become one of them. However there were attempts to create a cure and or vaccine but those ended up failing. In the book Zombie Apocalypse:Washington Deceased an antiserum was created to combat the infection and it did work; however due to the events of End Game the human victory against the zombies was nullified.


Fleas are the main vector. As are humans and rats.


There have been a few cases of people gone missing. These people were killed by zombies near All Hollows Church and during the events of Zombie Apocalypse the virus is released by diggers. Then the infection has went worldwide and the zombies become sentient.

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