Hotel is an establishment that provides lodging paid on a short-term basis. Hotels have many rooms that can used as a makeshift base for survivors. If it is a luxurious hotel it could even have a helicopter pad so that you can radio in a rescue if available. Snipers can set up positions on various floors to scan the streets below, creating a much safer place to hold off. Hotels have large kitchens built to serve hundreds of people and can even have a emergency generator that can be reactivated with diesel fuel.

After months or even years a hotel can become the center of a new survivor refugee camp.


  • Use sniper rifles on higher levels.
  • Board up first floor doors and windows.
  • Block all stairwells with debris.
  • Build a sand bag wall in the lobby entrence and on several balconies.
  • Growing crops on the roof might be good idea. (Only if there is a large roof area, fertile soil provided, and is only sustainable for smaller populations)
  • Then you might set up fortifications outside the building for added defence and security and the problem of fresh water, like rainwater collection system. And then fuel for your vehicles, you might find the keys to cars on the bodies of the infected you kill, though be warned of the fact that their car might be miles away. Condomenium should be preffered hotel type for your base.

Be sure to choose the hotel carefully, as some hotels will be full of people who have been infected, due to the rush of people trying to get to the easiest way out of the the city/town. Thinking a helicopter landing pad is a surefire way to escape, hundreds of people will try to force their way into the building, and while a few people will have gotten away, there could easily be a few hundred zombies just milling around. It is also highly unlikely you are the first person to notice this, so be on guard for bandits or the few survivors who survived the slaughter.


Often though, hotels have a lot of glass entrances which serve as entry points for zeds or bandits. More often the hotels are not surrounded by gates which means zombies can have an easy excess to areas around the hotel. Another critic is the complexity of a hotel. It may take a group of survivors days or even weeks to secure the area effectively. This presents difficulties to lone survivors who will be immensely common in this new, undead world. Another problem is the size, bigger isn't always better and this is the reason for which people could get lost and ghouls will be hidden in some places.