The Night Of The Living Dead Fan Fiction Part 2

As Fred turned around to his car, a bolt of lightning struck, followed by the massive groan. Suddenly, all of the graves cracked open, and out came the monsters.

Fred always had kept a gun on him, a handgun. He began firing, he killed seven of the beasts, when one almost took a bite out of him, but he also killed that one. He ran back to his car when a single military vehicle arrived and men poured out of it.

"Sergeant Wayne, there you are!" shouted one of them. "You need to come with us! We have thousands of soldiers fighting this thing -almost all of the Air Force- and it's happening all over America! We need your help in stopping whatever this damn thing is!"

Minutes later, many more trucks arrived. Fred gazes. Each truck deployed its fifteen-man squad to quarantine the city nearby. Some of the undead spotted the soldiers, and with quick wits, Fred brought out his handgun and quickly killed them, all with shots to the head.

"The head is the only way to kill them. Shoot them anywhere else and they'll just get back up," Said Fred. "Come on, lets move!" 

Fred knew the way to underground , through a series of trenches, a long tunnel, then the safe room. The trenches were littered with dead soldiers, and those who have risen from the dust. There were thirty six monsters, with no way to avoid them, so they had to be dealt with.

"Fire!" Someone screamed. Fred began to shoot them with an assault rifle that was given to him. He killed seven of them, and the other soldiers brought out their weapons and killed the others.

"Nice shooting," said Fred,

"Thanks," said one of the soldiers.

After leaving the trenches, they went into the tunnel, only encountering a couple of zombies, which they easily killed. Then, finally, they arrived at the safe room.

"Mr. Vice President," said Sam, a fellow soldier. "We're here to evacuate you."

"Oh thank God, a savior!"

The door opened and out came the Vice President and the others. They ran a long way to the evacuation helicopter, perched on top of a large building, just as a massive horde of zombies arrived.

"Go!" yelled Sam. He brought down thirteen beasts as one bit him. He killed that one and brought down six more. he didn't notice he was right on the edge of the building. He stumbled over the ledge and fell to his death, taking a few of the infected with him.

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