Two MRLS barrages dug in on Fort Independence. And if they make it through that, and they will not, we've got a squad of Paladins just waiting up the hill. Just for shits and giggles, we have M1s, Bradley, Humvees, mortars. Gonna be quite a show. -Battle of Yonkers


In all his life, fifteen-year old Jake Scots had never felt so useless.

He thought that in such a huge space, like the mall he was standing in, those zekes outside would have a tough time trying to get to him. With so much open ground, he could wizz past the infected at his top speed as they fumbled their arms in the air. He would be able to pick off entire groups of them without getting hit.

But once he saw the swarms, the massive mobs of zekes piled up against each other, moving like a raging tsunami, shoving and pushing to see who could get the first bite. Once he saw what was coming for him, he knew that he had perfectly no chance.

Looking down from the roof, he could see an abundance of zekes, racing through the abandoned streets. They were like a flood, sweeping the city and washing away any people who dared to come across them. Lilly, the only person he could trust during the chaos, had devised a plan to escape their unbearable position. But with so much infected already crowding the ground below them, Jake had almost no faith in her plan.

"I don't think this is going to work." he tells her

"Just relax, it's gonna be fine." She says confidently.

Jake smiled as he reached for the door. "If this fails, I'm going to leave you to die."

"Yeah, right." Lilly smirked.

Jake carefully pushed open the door, hoping to not attract any infected in the hallway below. He threaded down the stairs ever so silently, gripping his Ithaca Deerslayer firmly in his hands. The mall's security offices contained a few zekes, left over from the gigantic swarm that stormed the place an hour ago. Almost Immediately, they had detected Jake and Lilly's scent, and relentlessly sprinted toward the two.

Jake took aim and fired, shattering the skull of the first zeke. He fired again, blowing open the second zeke. Gunshots filled the air as he fired thrice more, dealing firm damage to the zekes he was aiming at, and flinging gore around the room. He turns round to see Lilly clutching her pistol, a shocked expression on her face.

"Yeah, I'm pretty good at this." he tries to reassure her.

"Wow," she responds. "I mean, geez, that was..."

"Lets just get out of here." he grabs her hand and dashes forward.

The two of them are able to get inside a lift without any encounters with the infected. As the elevator descends, Jake reloads his weapon while Lilly tries helplessly to contact her closest friends.

"Ugh, None of them are answering!" she wines.

"Their probably all dead," Jake responds. "Accept it, will you."

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