The Doom Slayer is a god and he fictional character and the main protagonist of the video game series, Doom. He is a demon slayer and defender of Earth.

Doom-Doom 64 (1993-1997)[]

The Doom Marine, as he was called prior to the events of the game, originated from Earth and was a space marine. He was dishonorably discharged when he assaulted his superior officer and for not following orders, which was to kill a group of innocent civilians. He would later be transferred to Phobos, one of the 2 moons orbiting Mars as security. This is where he had his first run-in with the demons from Hell and successfully prevented them from invading Earth. He would return to Earth, following his battle with the forces of hell, finding that not only has Earth been invaded by demons, but that his wife, child and pet rabbit Daisy have been slaughtered. This resulted in him continuing his war against the demons and taking the battle to their home dimension.

Following his battle against the demons, Doom Marine was decommissioned until he was called to service again. This time, he had to deal with demons who had invaded a space station. This made him go back to Hell and take on the Mother of all Demons as a result, but in order to ensure no further invasions of Earth could commence, he sealed himself away in the hellish dimension to take on wave upon wave of demons that he came across. He would eventually find himself against the Resurrector, the Mother of all demons' sister, who sought revenge and sent him to Earth via teleportation. The Resurrector was to kill him there, but he fought his way back to hell and sealed himself there once more.

Pre-Doom-Doom Eternal[]

Following his stay in Hell, Doom Marine found himself in the world of Argent D'Nur, where he was captured and brought the Sentinel Prime to the Order of the Deag. Unable to understand his language and because he was both in a fit of insatiable rage, as well as incoherently babbling about demons, they decided to put him in a trial by combat to earn his freedom in the Blood Arena. Known as the "Outlander" by this time, the Marine was able to impress the Argenta with his impressive skill and earn his freedom.

Powers & Abilities[]


  • Transcendent Human Physiology: Doom Slayer was believed to be at some point in his life, mortal. This however changed when he was blessed by the Seraphim, becoming more than that of a god. Since then, he is capable of going without food, rest or is even capable of aging. His condition is now immortal.
    • Immense Physical Condition: Doom Slayer, despite him being God, possesses an immense degree of physical prowess, giving him an edge in superiority against all humans and most demons. This is due to the Seraphim's blessing, which is further empowered by his extremely powerful will.
      • Immense Strength: He can Pregnancy a 400 Quintillion -ton Mass with his hands and throw it a long distance Without any fatigue to the point where he can lift a great amount of weight over his head and throw it great With minimal effort . Its punching force reaches 4 Millions tons and He is able to even smash through walls of varying materials, as well as grapple demons and tear them apart.
      • Immense Durability: The Slayer's durability before the blessing was already impressive to say the least, capable of surviving injuries that could kill normal humans and weaker demons at best. Afterwards, he is capable of taking damage from even stronger demons, as well as fall from great heights and survive unharmed.
      • Immense Speed, Agility & Reflexes: Despite being a hulking sized man, the Slayer is capable of moving with great speed, capable of moving with such dexterity, that his enemy's attacks don't even hit him. He can even jump both horizontally and vertically over enemy targets, as well as land on solid ground perfectly and switch between his arms with great speed.
      • Immense Stamina & Endurance: Further strengthened by his own will, the slayer possesses legendary stamina and endurance, which is seen throughout the series. Even before his blessing and when he was captured by the Sentinels in the city of Sentinel Prime, he was able to fight in the arena, despite the injuries he sustained. After however, he can go without food, water or even rest.
    • Destruction Empowerment: With every demon he has slain, the Slayer becomes stronger. This is due to the fact that the Seraphim blessed him with the ability to absorb the souls of those he's slain.
    • Power Up Usage: Despite the abilities of berserker or haste being capable of killing normal humans, the slayer is capable of using these abilities without harming his physical or mental condition.
    • Rune Absorption & Usage: It is unknown as to how he can do this, but the slayer is capable of absorbing and using runes he gains from completing trials. These runes provide him with extra abilities.


  • Advanced Intellect: Doom Slayer is well acquainted with the usage of technology from various different dimensions. This comes from his experiences as both a marine and even a member of the Night Sentinels. He even possess an advanced knowledge in terms of computers, as well as a reader in various forms of literary knowledge as well. He is even known to tinker and advance his armor to more powerful degrees for slaying the forces of hell.
    • Expert Combatant: The Doom Slayer can catch and kill ghosts
    • Weapons Expert: As a soldier, Doom Slayer is shown to be expertly proficient in the use of various different weapons. This includes traditional weapons like swords and even spears, but also in terms of modern weapons such as conventional small arms and powerful direct energy armaments.
  • Indomitable Rage & Will: What makes Doom Slayer so dangerous is his undying fury, which is so powerful, it's capable of keeping him both alive and going through worlds and time. When he was sealed away in hell twice, it was his pure rage for the demons which made him capable of surviving waves of them single handed, which also garnered him a reputation throughout multiple dimensions. He also possesses a will which cannot be broken or weakened, regardless of his situation. It's through this will that he refused to give up his fight to defend Earth from the evil forces in Hell and remained with him ever since.
  • Intimidation: Doom Slayer's mere appearance, legend and even his actions are something that makes him both feared and respected by both mankind and the forces of hell. He doesn't kill his fellow humans, but the mere sight of him is enough to send them scattering and even though the demons are constantly attacking him, it has been revealed that all of hell fear him greatly, despite being of human origin.

Weapons & Equipment[]


  • Combat Shotgun: Doom Slayer is known to use at least 2 types of shotguns, the Super Shotgun and a combat shotgun. The combat shotgun varies, depending on the game, mostly on upgrades and ammo capacity, but it always remains a powerful implement in his battle against the forces of hell. The gun itself is capable of blowing the top half of a demon completely off.
  • Super Shotgun: The second of Doom Slayer's shotguns is his iconic Super Shotgun. The gun varies on upgrades depending on the game, but what always remains consistent is the fact that it possesses the traditional double-barrel break action used by older shotguns before it. It can fire 2 powerful shots at the same time as it's standard.
  • Heavy Cannon: Doom Slayer is known to pack a box fed assault weapon on him at all times. This weapon is capable of full automatic fire and depending on the game, capable of being modified to do more damage than before.
  • Plasma Gun: Since his war with hell began, Doom Slayer has been known to sport a highly powerful and full automatic plasma gun, capable of doing significant damage to his foes with a high rate of fire. The weapon, depending on the game, is also capable of undergoing modifications.
  • Chainsaw: Even with his crucible and doom blade handy, Doom Slayer is known to carry a very advanced, powerful and big chainsaw on his person for getting up-close and personal with his demonic foes. The teeth on the chainsaw are so strong, they can cut through a demon with great ease, causing a great deal gore to exit their bodies.
  • Crucible: One of his most iconic weapons comes in the form of the powerful Crucible Sword. There are more than one type of these weapons, but the weapon he wielded in Doom Eternal was made up of dark grey metal with a wrapped handle. The one in the previous game had a hilt made from demonic flesh and bone. Once he obtains it however, he is capable of wielding it's power against his demonic foes with lethal results.
  • Rocket Launcher: When it comes to taking down bigger demons, Doom Slayer is not afraid of whipping out the big guns. This comes in the form of a powerful multi-shot rocket launcher, which is capable of doing a lot more damage than his combat shotgun.
  • BFG 9000: Another staple of the Doom series is the use of the Big Fucking Gun. When Doom Slayer gets his hands on this thing, he uses it to take out multiple demons and undead with a single shot, as the projectile sends electrical-like currents towards targets in close proximity.


  • Praetor Suit 2.0 Doom Slayer is probably the most well known for wearing a highly advanced and durable piece of armor, known as his Praetor Suit. The suit serves him in his never-ending crusade against the demons of Hell and to defend the Earth. The suit itself possesses an array of gadgets and weaponry, which already enhance his powerful physiology.
    • Energy Absorption: The armor is designed to absorb and enable the Slayer to metabolize Argent energy. This is done through rerouting it through combat fatigue subsystems and into his body, allowing him to boost his health, armor strength and even ammo reserves.
    • Durability: As powerful as he is, the Slayer's battle armor is known to already augment his immensely inhuman durability, allowing him to take more punishment in the field.
    • Doom Blade: When engaging combatants in Glory Kills, Doom Slayer is armed with a powerful gauntlet mounted blade which ejects from his left arm.
    • Equipment Launcher: On the Slayer's left shoulder, is a small, but powerfully suit mounted launcher, attached to a robotic arm. He is capable of launching several types of ordinance at his foes, such as grenades, ice and even a flamethrower.
    • Delta Jump Boots: The Slayer's armor is equipped with jump jets, enabling him to double jump, as well as adjust while in mid-air.
    • Dash Thrust: The armor is capable of allowing the Slayer to move quickly in the air or on the ground.
    • Heads Up Display: The helmet of the slayer's armor is designed with an advanced heads up display, which indicates his objectives, ways to said objectives, ammo count and even reads how much health he has before he is in need of more.
    • Rebreather: The armor's helmet is also designed with an advanced rebreather system, enabling the slayer to survive in harsh conditions, ranging from the surface of Mars, to even that of deep space.


Doom Slayer is characterized as the strong, silent type hero, rarely speaking at any point throughout the series. Though he shows emotion, he rather much show them in actions rather than words. He doesn't harm humans typically, nor does he harm his fellow allies, as they tend to stay out of his way and aid him in his quest to annihilate the forces of hell or are willing to sacrifice their well-being, much like himself. Humans, however, who tend to collaborate with the forces of hell, tend to become targets of the Slayer and he has no qualms with eliminating them. The emotion he shows most of the time however, comes in the form of his pure hatred and rage for the monsters that took everything he loved.


  • The original games reveal that Doom Guy was indeed the direct descendant of Nazi-killing WW2 veteran B.J. Blazkowicz from the game series Wolfenstein. The current games however, have changed the origin of Doom Slayer's origins, neither confirming, nor denying if he is indeed descended from Blazkowicz.