Published in 2004 by Pocket Books

The cover of Day By Day Armageddon.

Author is J.L. Bourne


J.L. Bourne gives an almost day by day account of a survivor existing in a world suddenly taken over by hordes of the undead. Originally, Day By Day Armageddon was a zombie story published online started around 2004. After growing in popularity in the online community it was eventually published novel. It is gaining large success among zombie literature and has given J.L. Bourne the respect similar to that of Max Brooks and his style of writing.


The story begins as the protagonist starts off January 1st as he makes a New Year's Resolution to start  keeping a journal. At first subtle news comes trickling out of China of a new type of disease that is sweeping the nation, and that America will be sending military aid. All of a sudden the disease sprouts up in America and the news quickly spreads along with the infection of the dead walking and systematically taking over much of the United States. The protagonist is in San Antonio, Texas and has turned his house into a haven from the undead. The journal is his personal entries of how  he survives each day and meets up with other survivors and moves throughout different safehouses across the Texas landscape.

At first subtle reports of a new disease is spreading and the President is sending aid to help China during its need as the virus greatly spreads. Suddenly all troops overseas are called back home, and reportedly the disease has hit Atlanta, Georgia. Media coverage is blocked out as the government tries to contain the situation, not only are directly bitten people afflicted with the disease but soon reports come in of the dead coming back to life even without being bitten or having been clearly infected. The protagonist is a Naval Pilot stationed in San Antonio, Texas for the time being. The protagonist watches the reports of disease from the news and views it as just massive pandemonium. He begins securing his house in case any looters come for his belongings and buys plenty of ammunition for all of his weapons.

Critical Reception

Day By Day Armageddon was well-received in zombie literature circles.

Brad Thor, author of the The Last Patriot and The First Commandment recommended Day by Day Armageddon, stating:

"Heads down the best zombie book I have ever read. J.L. Bourne is the new king of hardcore zombie action!"


Day By Day Armageddon has two sequels. Beyond Exile: Day By Day Armageddon It follows up where the original book leaves off. This book was released July 13, 2010 in North America. The third book in the trilogy, Day By Day Armageddon Shattered Hourglass was released on December 26th, 2012. There is another novel called Grey Fox, which is a supplemental book released on October 8th, 2013.