Veve of Damballa

In Vodoun, Damballa is one of the most important of all the loa. He is associated with snakes. He is also the father of all the rest of the loa and is considered to be the loa of creation. Some of his ritual songs indicate that he "carries the ancestors" on his back to Ginen, the afterlife. His wife is the rainbow serpent Ayida Weddo (he is also married to Erzulie Freda). As a loa of the Rada nation he is associated with the color white. His particular color is white. In Africa he was known as Da. His offerings are very simple and he prefers an egg on a mound of flour. Some houses also serve him with anisette and corn syrup. When he presents himself in possession, he does not talk, but makes hissing noises like a snake.

In most houses, he is represented by either Moses or St. Patrick.

Alternative names: Damballa Weddo (or Wedo), Damballah Weddo, Danbhala Weddo.

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