A cure is an item or treatment that can relief (a person or animal) of the symptoms of a disease or condition.

 Cures, in zombie apocalypses, have been known to vary between what source it has been cited from. In many cases, there is no cure, or one that can be developed with our current technology. There are few instances when there are true cures to the bloodborn (or mythological) disease.  

The idea of a cure can come in many fashions, some are as listed:  

  • A vaccine developed once the apocalypse has started can cure the infected.  
  • Amputating limbs, while not curing the infected, can stop an infection from turning someone (into an undead.)  
  • Medicine that can relieve pain or slow the infection process.  

The possibility of a cure in a real-life situation, however, is impossible. The infection would decompose all necessary organs, and most of the brain, and leave the host as a zombie. Cures, no matter how futuristic, have not shown any sign of being able to regenerate organs after decay.  

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