Convenience stores, or corner stores, are small stores located for convenience around neighborhoods in cities.  In the event of a zombie outbreak, they can serve as potential bases, if their contents are not already picked clean by other people. They should not be considered long term abodes during a class 3 or 4 outbreak, rather a temporary area to regroup, and search for a fortress from.



Convenience stores are usually small as compared to supermarkets or department stores and often only have one floor. Some have automatic doors and those in areas possessing high crime rates may have barred windows and doors, etc., making them easy to defend.

Convenience stores sell a large number of items, many of which can be helpful in a zombie outbreak, including food, bottled water, and more rarely, gardening supplies.


  • Like any other store, a multitude of items may be located in convenience stores, though the supplies may already be picked over by other survivors.
  • Stores situated in high-crime neighbourhoods are often built to be defended against robbers. Defense measures such as steel shutters and bullet-proof glass can help when someone needs a temporary base.


  • As stated before, their contents may be already be taken by other survivors, leaving nothing of value behind.
  • If zombies somehow do penetrate the building, you’re pretty much doomed unless the place has a back door. There are also usually no stairs to retreat up.
  • With a very limited space, a large group that has settled in a convenience store can get cramped very easily, with the effects of potential conflicts and decreased morale.
  • Of course, bandits will be looking around to scavenge for resources. They will most likely stumble upon an already occupied convenience store with the hope to find resources. Not to mention, a convenience store would most likely be able to attract living survivors alike easily.


  • If the windows are not already barred, make them so. At the very least, nail up some wooden boards.
  • One may wish to barricade the front door; shelves can also be used.
  • Consider breaching a hole in the back of the building if it has no backdoor. It can later be boarded or blocked with something and covered with any nearby items to mix it with its surrounding environment. If things went bad quick, it can be used to escape.