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Strategies are overarching themes, plans or ideas. Tactics are more localized, and specific actions. For the purposes of this wiki, they are used more or less interchangably

General Strategies

  • Aim accurately and at the head of the zombie.
  • Stay together.
  • Watch your corners and your six.
  • Travel during the day, zombies can see you day or night. At least during the day you can see them.
  • Zombies don't feel fear, why should you?
  • Don't hesitate, this can only leave you dead...or undead.
  • Don't waste ammo in celebration of a victory, there will be plenty more of them to fight.


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Battle of Hope In the World War Z at the Battle of Hope, they used a fire and reload tactic to keep zombies at bay.

Battle of Yonkers Not a successful battle by the US against zombies, but it is a good way to understand what can go wrong and what you should improve upon.

Differences Between Surviving Fast and Slow Zombies Some helpful hints, in the two different zombie situations.

Offensive Strategies Against Zombies Several good plans in case of zombies.

Phoenix Bird Strategy A strategy of using bait to draw in zombies and then using aircraft to mow down the zombies in the area.

Morale Not a true tactic but it is necessary to keep a strategy working. Loss in morale can cause failure of plans, such as the Battle of Yonkers where soldiers became distressed and fled instead of holding their ground.

Raiding The violent alternative to scavenging, for all those people who want power to themselves and do not care how they get it.

Redeker Plan A very controversial plan from World War Z, recommended to use as a study of possibilities. It is not the best way to fight back the undead,

Road to New York The US strategy used to reclaim American land during the Zombie War.

Rookie mistakes What you should avoid during a undead situation.

Scavenging The procedure to procure food and supplies through a non-violent method to other survivors

Zombieland rules A zombie comedy that came up with some very true rules to keep in mind.

Jobs in a Zombie World The fuel to help make the tactics and strategies work, such as a campaign to rid the world of zombies.

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