At Home

If a zombie apocalypse happens, you need to be able to defend yourself against the horde of undead that are begging for your flesh. How well you are able to survive siege depends on the house you live in.

  • One story house- If you live in a one story house, you have a lot of  disadvantages to contend with. The disadvantages are that you will not be able to climb to safety if zombies breach your house. You will also not be able to provide sniper fire unless you climb up the roof. If you are looking for a house for sale or rent, try to get one with two or more stories. If you already live in a one story house here is what will keep you alive. ( These tips will help you no matter what you live in)
  1. Go through your supplies you have in your house right now. Categorize your supplies and move them into an empty room which would be your storage room.
  2. Next figure out a patrol to make sure your group is safe from zombies and/or bandits. If you are alone, limit your patrols to daytime and lock your doors and sleep light at night.
  3. Depending on where you live, destroy the stairs. Due to the fact that zombies can't climb gives you the advantage and a better chance of survival. Before destroying the stairs, have your supplies upstairs before then.
  4. Dig a latrine. Water will shut down after a while and you will not have any running water. Make your latrine somewhere that is easy to get to in the dark.
  5. Fill your bathtub, sink, and all cups and water bottles with water. Make sure you have plenty of water and ration it from day one. Same deal with food, the sooner you ration it, the more you will have.
  6. If possible, dig a garden and grow food. build a fence to keep zombies from wandering into it. REMEMBER if you see a zombie in your garden DO NOT EAT THE FOOD as it might be infected from contact.
  7. Figure out a gathering group that goes out and gets supplies for your group. Make sure they are well armed and have a good comm with them.

These tips will help you stay alive whether you live in a one story house or an apartment.

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