A casino is a building were people can play diffrent kinds of games to win money. These places may be good place to hold up in if they are located outside large populated areas. In a city it would be overrun by zombies. Casinos can be large or small, but popular casinos are often quite large with a hotel connected to them.


  • Most casinos have a restaurant and bar where food and drinks can be found.
  • Some also have a security office that would have a few guns and ammunition
  • A lot of rooms where you can barricade yourself inside
  • Paper money found in the machines can be used to make a fire if it gets cold, as it would be completely worthless during a zombie apocalypse
  • Slot machines, roulette tables, and other large things commonly found in a casino could be used as barricades.
  • Alternately, the games can also provide some measure of diversion for those taking shelter so long as electricity remains available to operate them; machines can usually be set to not require money to operate
  • Some casinos have vaults to keep all the money inside. You can hide in there if you're in a pinch and trying to escape from a horde.


  • May be already overrun by zombies or occupied by other survivors
  • Casinos are usually in urban areas, so the zombie population will be high
  • Casinos are designed to stand out in areas to attract customers. Not only that but they are bright and loud, which can attract zombies if a series of events go the wrong way.
  • The vaults usually only has one big vault door only, making escape almost impossible without proper planning.