Ak-100 series carbine rifle.


A Ruger Mini-14.

are rifles that borrow from an existing long rifles' design, only they are modified to be shorter and lighter. They were originally designed for mounted cavalry units, but later adapted for rear-echelon units and special forces units such as paratroopers. Thanks to their versatility in urban combat, they have been seeing increased usage among modern day front-line troops. They are available in many forms -- some, such as the Hi-Point 995 and the Beretta Cx4 Storm, are designed to fire pistol rounds, while others, such as the M4A1, the AKS-74U, and the M1 and M2 carbines, are basically shortened rifles.

Like rifles, they are easy to aim, making them good weapons for those unskilled with firearms. In particular, pistol-caliber carbines have extremely low recoil and make less noise than rifle-caliber weapons, and their use of pistol rounds allows for ammo interchangeability with a handgun. The smaller size and lighter weight of a carbine makes it easier to carry and manipulate in close quarters than a full-size rifle, while the reduced weight increases its recoil (something for smaller shooters to keep in mind, especially when considering a rifle-caliber carbine). Depending on the construction of the barrel, a shorter barrel may also cause a reduction in maximum effective range of the carbine as compared to a similar, longer-barreled weapon firing the same cartridge. Very stiff barrels, or very thick "bull" barrels can negate this, with no reduction in velocity or effective range as long as a sufficiently fast-burning powder is used in the cartridge, or as long as the propellent completely burns in the shortened barrel anyway. Handloading ammunition tailored for a particular weapon platform can compensate for a great deal of conditions specific to a platform, and the pecuiliarities of a given load can often have as much of an effect on accuracy and effective range as the firearm itself.

It depends on the tactics each person is using, but a carbine may be a good choice because of its close-quarter combat effectiveness, others may prefer a melee weapon or handgun for close quarters and a regular rifle for long distance. Either way a carbine is a better choice than an SMG or machine gun or any other fully automatic weapon. A carbine is one of the better firearms to use against zombies. They do not use ammo as fast as assault rifles which is important as many of you know. Most carbines are smaller versions of full size rifles, such as the Ruger mini-14. Some more examples of carbines are: Beretta Rx4 storm, Soviet SKS, Kel-Tec SU-16, Sig 550 commando, M1 Carbine, The Versatile M4 Platform, and Kel-Tec Sub 2000 among others.

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