• Noobineer

    I am nooineer. I will be writing a seiries of fan fiction stroies right here on this website. I know they might look bad, but it's my first time writing a work of fiction. Goodbye for now. 


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  • Whitetiger789

    This may be a few days late, but George A. Romero, the creator of the modern zombie, has passed away from lung cancer. May he rest in peace.

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  • Zombie Killing Agency

    Hey zombie killers! We are the Zombie Killing Agency (ZKA) which is an Australian based zombie defence organisation. The ZKA was founded in March 2016 by Salman Khan in Australia. The ZKA has a website, a page on this wiki and a YouTube channel! Please check them out! Links- Official YouTube channel-

    Official website-

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  • AlphaAce1249

    I am going to be starting up a new zombie survival group. I wont know the exact name right off the bat, but I will be getting some local help from some people I know.

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  • JagonDragonWulf

    Eloo, I joined 5/11/2016.

    5/11/2016. I am Jagon. Of course that is not my real name, but is it is the name of my protagonast/antagonist in a world I made. PM me for details. I play two games fequently, SAS4 on Kongragate and Dawn2055. I like writing poetry and I do requests. I love to chat about anything. Well, I hope this goes well!


    Today's my birthday! whoo!

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  • Greatispharoh

    I have  made up a virus called...


    Or enhancement in chinese...

    It's a virus that was meant to enhance it's users senses except for sight and taste...

    It also enchances agility and speed and also lets the user not need sleep

    However thought something happened and it's users became ZOMBIES...

    Greatispharoh (talk) 08:40, January 24, 2016 (UTC)Greatispharoh

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  • EzzyMan


    Through time in this world we all know a famous Dictator from any type of region, mainly a 3rd world region, but they are ruled by one person. Its a from of a government, a nasty one, but during a survival state the sick will rule and weak wull follow out of fear, here is an example "Walking Dead" or "Book of Eli", these are famous show's, some like it and some don't. 

    In a disater many will follow or form a group this is where governace come's in with leaders, rulers, enforement, ect., this will create different type's of governace in a apocalypse disater. This will create fear in the people of loosing it all, or not having a safe haven, you have to avoid this. Dictators are smart, they will trick your thoughts into believe it…

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  • EzzyMan

    Basic Survial Kit or "Beans & Bullets" 


    Some of the thing's we pass by or throw away are pretty usefull in survival, plastic containers, reusable bottle's, cloth, items that can be turned into anything useful. We tend to take things for granted on what's availble to us, by throwing in the garbage. Through this, I've learned this Army Cadet programing during summer, winter, spring and fall courses, one thing I can tell you is "the mind set" will mess you over in the long run. Cause it's all fun and game's till your buddy try eating your leg's during a camping trip. I will drop down some idea's on the mind as well, through this writing & having a good mind set will achieve your surival goals. This is just to touch base's on other…

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  • Whitetiger789

    I'm just a little curious on how I can become one.

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  • Theundeadlord
    • My theory about it is because there are no oxygen on their brain,but can anyone confirm or discard this idea?
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  • Rac Ward

    Throughout the comic and television series the cause of the sudden appearence of the Walkers has never been fully explained or revealed. However, there have been numerous clues left in both Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead television shows that explain perhaps what exactly the walker plague is or might be. This is all of course pure speculation because Robert Kirkman has never specifically stated what exactly caused the outbreak other than whatever it is that does it is something that all humans have.

    Which leads me to believe that whatever this thing is that it was not caused by some external force such as a bioweapon gone awry. The pathogen originates within the human body and that it is 100% communicable along with being fatal.…

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  • Rac Ward

    We have all see it before from The Walking Dead to World War Z, the military and those that compose their ranks fall to hordes of undead cannibals that ultimately overrun society causing it to collapse. While a common trope in the zombie apocalypse genre I do have some serious doubts as to whether or not the military specifically the United States military as they are the ones most depicted in various zombie films and games fighting the masses of infected corpses would be so incapacitated that they could no longer fight back against the undead. In this blog I will argue that the military while intially would be unsure how to respond to a zombie outbreak they would inevitably find a sound strategy to fight back in order to protect society f…

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  • Whitetiger789

    Admin Recommendation

    August 28, 2015 by Whitetiger789

    There is a new editor on Zombpedia and he is changing the wiki fast. His name is Xeno Fighter and I am recommending him to be an administrator for the work he is doing to the wiki.

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  • Whitetiger789

    There is some one on the wiki, deleting everything off the pages and replacing it with garbage that has nothing to do with zombies. We have to find out who is doing this so we can stop it.

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  • Ksporbitermcfan

    I have noticed several problems with this wiki's survival quiz. First off, it is lacking in many importaint questions, such as (approximate) age and medical experience. If you are 14 or 78, you have a much lower chance of surviving than a 30 year old. It also does not mention medical conditions, and you will not survive very long if you need a medicine daily to stay alive. It also does not ask the population density of your area, and it will be much harder to survive in a city such as New York than the countryside. Lastly, it does not mention how long people who don't survive probablaly will (i.e.  under 24 hours, a week, 3 months). In my opinion, these are importaint issues that must be addressed. Here is another quiz for referance (As fa…

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  • Karanmd

    New admins?

    October 14, 2014 by Karanmd

    As you folks have already notice our older admin philodox has not been active since late of may and you may also have noticed the increased number of vandals on here so i am asking you that am i allowed to request to become the new admin you have 7 days so hurry tell me in the comments karanmd (talk) 15:13, October 14, 2014 (UTC)

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  • I.hate.CoD

    For a film class I'm taking, we had to write a review/analysis of a movie and I picked Night of the Living Dead. I just want to see what you guys think of it. 

    I highly doubt George Romero knew what he was unleashing upon the world with his film, Night of the Living Dead. While not the first zombie movie, it certainly is one of the most influential, with his slow, shambling undead setting rules and an image of zombies in the minds of the general population. Gruesome special effects, a dark depressing ending and commentary on social or societal issues of the times have all become staples of the zombie movie genre, without a doubt because of this movie. The special effects and make up in this movie definitely show their age, but the half eate…

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  • Deathblade 100

    Some of the best weapons are improvised. My favourite improvised weapon is: get a knife and tape it to a walking stick, that makes a spear, than attach a counterweight made out of a circular piece of stone or metal than attach a spike to the counterweight. Another weapon is to attach a folding knife to a rifle as a makeshift bayonet. Or use a hatchet and attach a hammer head to the blunt side.

    If you have any ideas for a weapon, that could well save you or a friend, leave a message, below. I won't steal your ideas. Thanks.

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  • The Original Jurassic Vampire

    In TV Series Dead Set, how the zombie outbreak started is unknown. 

    Post below, how you think the zombie outbreak began.

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  • Deathblade 100

    Zombie viruses

    August 17, 2014 by Deathblade 100

    Hi, I'm going to make a list of viruses that could start a Zombie outbreak in real life.

    • Ebola
    • Rabies
    • Influenza
    • Bubonic plague
    • Giant Virus

    If I've missed any leave me a message. Thanks

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  • Dinner111

    This blog is for some of the unique anti-zombie weapons that I've seen over the years. I am not taking credit for any of these nor did I create the plans for them, I am simply showcasing them on this blog.

    • Baseball bat table: A baseball bat & shield that can be attached to eachother to form a table.
    • Chainsaw katana: Combines the motor driven power of a chainsaw with the blade design and holdability of a katana.
    • Triple barrel revolver: This type of revolver has 3 barrels & 18 bullet chambers. It fires 3 bullets at a time, technically working kind of like a handheld shotgun.
    • Apache revolver: This gun has a knife blade under its barrel & a nuckle duster for a foldable handle.
    • Slingshot zombiehammer: Created by JorgeSprave, this weapon has a standa…

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  • MrZombie

    I need Help

    April 21, 2014 by MrZombie

    Hey MrZombie here

    I was Wondering if someone could help me to one of the Listbox things

    i would like some on my wiki cause they look cool

    MrZombie 00:34, April 21, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Camuncey

    The Treefort Collective is trying to raise their last bit of funding through an Indiegogo campaign here . Perks for helping make this movie inclue artwork from the movie, bumper stickers, zombie hunting passes and even a staged zombie attack on your house!

    Into this nightmare, one man sets out on the bitter river, past lurking shadows, through wasted towns, to a small coastal community - their last, best hope. The life of a friend and the group’s humanity hang in the balance as he races across an apocalyptic landscape, past gnashing teeth in a desperate attempt to survive the...THAW OF THE DEAD.

    With 26 days left to go on the Indigegogo campaign , the film production company is looking for support from their zombie-loving fans to bring them …

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  • Floyd and Mikki

    Welcome to the official Zombiepedia site for Floyd and Mikki: Zombie Hunters, a comedy horror love story by Joseph L. Tatner. The first in a trilogy. For more information, visit Take a look at the website, read the sample chapters and let us know what you think.

    eBook now available at

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  • Mikeosu410

    zombie radio

    February 5, 2014 by Mikeosu410


    I have a zombie radio show I need Guest and some of you wanna talk zombies or the walking dead please please send me a message on facebook at MIKE CGH REDDING and ill give u the call in info and if your in to ghost hunting or want to learn.. Join my paranormal group  and Like page at..

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  • Nanopower

    Hello, I am a new user called NanoPower512, preferably referred to as Nano, and I'm planning on making a series of blogs on this wiki about, you guessed it, Zombies! Mainly tactics and survival techniques, and best places to be when the apocalypse takes first strike! This first one is about both keeping hidden while on the move or hiding, and where is in my opinion, the best shelter that's actually obtainable for the average person.

    There is, in my own opinion, only 2 main stealth options to talk about: On the move, and for your shelter. This is because if your the type to never stay put, you'd have to avoid all those zombies or walkers to get going, if your the type who believes shelter is your safest option, you'll have to cover it up bef…

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  • Gcheung28

    Just in time for Halloween, check out this exclusive clip from the "Re-Inventing Zombies" featurette found on the World War Z Best Buy Exclusive Blu-ray.

    In the clip, you'll learn why the zombies in World War Z sound the way they do. So, when you're out trick-or-treating as the undead, you can do your best to emulate those creepy noises!

    Watch the clip below:

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  • Sabre Bob

    To Go Gear Or

    "Bug-Out Bag Philosophy”

    Zombie Outbreak/Apocalypse survival is a subset of urban apocalypse/collapse survival, which of course is a subset of general survival. There is going to be a lot of crossover in necessary skills and gear.

    One thing a would-be survivor should jettison from his mentality is a "purist" outlook. Even the most public exponent of this approach, survival instructor Cody Lundee says to use whatever man-made artifacts you may come across to keep yourself alive. This is of course going to be FAR easier even in a rural-agricultural region of even the undeveloped world than in an actual wilderness setting.

    However, do not succumb to the myth that more and more gear (especially weapons and ammo) is the ticket to sur…

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  • Philodox

    Last night's Walking Dead and Talking Dead were great, as usual. I do have a point of criticism though. One of my pet peeves in zombie fiction is when the "death" of a zombie by way of a melee blow to the head is glossed over like it's a simple feat. The human (or vertebrate) skull is a device millions of years in the making, and it is very good at doing it's job - namely giving the most important organ in the body a practically invulnerable shelter. When zombie survivors of average strength and build stab through it with a butter knife or glass bottle or garden hoe, this obliterates my suspension of disbelief that I construct to enjoy tales of about creatures that couldn't possibly actually exist.

    During Talking Dead, producer, revered eff…

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  • Philodox

    Zombiepedia was represented by yours truly at 2013's New York Comic Con. There were several great zombie events that I'll be chronicling in the near future. Because tonight is the season premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead, I'm sorta forced to put last things first, and start with big news from the huge star studded Walking Dead panel with practically everyone from the show.

    Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley from community) was the host, and did a great job. Overall, this was one of the lightest and most fun panels I've ever seen - you can tell the cast has a bunch of inside jokes, and has alot of fun on set. The panel included Robert Kirkman (creator/writer), Scott Gimple (exec producer/writer), Gale Anne Hurd (Producer), Andrew Lincoln (Rick), …

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  • Philodox

    Hey all. So the awesomness that is wikia is sending me to New York Comic Con. There will be two Walking Dead panels (that I'm aware of - things are happening so fast for me), and they will be streaming live over the net. I will be writing synopses next week, but if you wanna see it live, here are the official particulars.

    Fri. Oct. 11
    2:45 pm - 3:45 pm  (Eastern Standard Time - GMT -5)

    The Walking Dead 10th Anniversary Panel - Presented By: Arizona Beverage Co.

    Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard discuss the evolution of The Walking Dead as they celebrate the book’s 10th anniversary this month, in a lively Q&A forum. This panel can be viewed through the NYCC Live Stream at

    Sat. Oct. 12
    6:30 pm - 7:30 pm (East…

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  • XD1

    How long would you survive in the zombie-overrun reality of World War Z? Now you can know! Universal has given the Wikia community an EXCLUSIVE first look at the World War Z Survival Challenge.

    Philodox played through the online game -- check out his write-up here ! And Axel TWD from The Walking Dead community had this to say .


    And don't forget to come back to this page to share how long you stayed alive in the comments!

    World War Z invades Blu-ray, DVD, and home media on September 17th.

    • Review from The Walking Dead Wikia Admin
    • Review from Zombiepedia Admin

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  • Philodox

    Hey guys. The makers of the World War Z film just released a new social media survival challenge game. It's a bit like the one we have for Dead Island Riptide, but somewhat more complex, realistic, and re-playable. Here's a review.

    The first thing I thought when I started playing it was that it's curious how this game (along with most zombie stories like The Walking Dead, Left 4 Dead, Dead Island, Night of The Living Dead, The World War Z novel by Max Brooks, etc) is primarily about making the audience consider what they would need to do and know to survive. The World War Z film is markedly different, as even though the first 30 minutes or so depicts protagonist Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) and his family in an intense and gripping struggle to av…

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  • Matt Hadick

    Even though college campuses are already teeming with hordes of seemingly undead victims of academia, the fine people at AMC, Instructure and The University of California, Irvine have teamed up to bring actual Zombies to (online) college, with the production of a new massive open online course (MOOC) exploring a wide variety of scholarly disciplines through the lens of a zombie apocalypse.

    From the press release:

    The free, eight-week MOOC, titled “Society, Science, Survival: Lessons from AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead,’” will be offered on Instructure’s MOOC platform, Canvas Network, and will be taught by a multidisciplinary team of UC Irvine faculty: Zuzana Bic, public health; Joanne Christopherson, social sciences; Michael Dennin physics; and Sar…

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  • Alockwood1

    Zombie Movies

    August 24, 2013 by Alockwood1

    If you're like me, then odds are that you watch zombie movies, at least once in a while. 

    What I want you to do is, tell me about a zombie movie you watched recently, and perhaps your favorite scene, or some cool quote. After all, not all of us watch the stuff that gets into the theaters, and instead watch the Made-for-TV shows on Sci-Fi and Chiller.

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  • Matt Hadick

    Fans of AMC's "The Walking Dead" are in for a treat -- starting this September 20th, the popular undead show will be subject of attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Orlando. The attraction, promised to be "eerily authentic and disturbingly real", will throw park guests into the heart of the show's once impenetrable prison, the West Georgia Correctional Facility, now infested with hordes of brain-craving zombies. The prison, a glorified labyrinth, is an authentically tight-knit cobweb of nooks and crannies based on the show's prison, with zombies lurking around every corner. The mazes will also send guests through a terrifying wilderness surrounding the prison and into the deceptively utopian Woodbury.

    Universal O…

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  • Rachelmark

    Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to come on here and spend some time talking about a recent thought that I have had. We are all concerned about a zombie attack/apocalypse and being prepared to handle that situation. We stock up on food, water, guns and other things. Something I have realized (and maybe others have already considered this) is that we should be ready and able to use everything in our homes as weapons or means of protection. Anything could happen and if we don't have things we need right by us we could be in trouble. 

    So - where do you start? You could look in each room of your house and the items in it and consider how to use those items if you had to, or you could hide useful items in each room? Everyone's approach is different - …

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  • Naoh Revan

    Hello World!

    July 24, 2013 by Naoh Revan

    Hey guys whats up?

    My name is Naoh (Not my real name but deal with it :P).

    I saw this wiki and new right away that this would be a lot of help for a story im writing up!

    I hope you guys will give me some great ideas for it and all have some info about it soon!


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  • Gcheung28

    Exciting news, Evil Dead fans! At Comic Con this year, Wikia will be conducting a community interview with director Fede Alvarez and actress Jane Levy (Suburbia)! If you have any burning questions you want to know about the movie or what it was like remaking the film, now is the time to ask!

    Post your questions in the comments and we will ask the best ones!

    For more Comic Con goodies, check out Wikia at Comic Con!

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  • ZombieHuntersWife

                               ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE : A HUNTER'S VIEW

    BLOG #1                                                                                          JUNE 27TH 2012 @ 6:41AM    

    Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this. My name is Jade. At first, I laughed at my husband Raven for suggesting a Zombie take over. But, 7 years later, I have been given so much new information on this subject of what Zombie's truly are. What's the first thing that pops into your head when you hear Zombie? I know right? I bet your picturing a dead creature, with guts hanging out and jaws just hanging there, aren't you? Believe it or not, your wrong! While the media, has done a wonderful job over covering up TRUE zombie type attacks, we've seen th…

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  • Master Plaga

    I am currently working on pages and or creating pages relating to the novels Zombie Apocalypse and Zombie Apocalypse: Fight Back by Stephen Jones.

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  • Hotsoup.6891


    Muse will be performing live at the world premier of World War Z in London, UK on June, 2nd.

    Check out the announcement video here: Muse Performance Announcement

    Nick 18:15, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Master Plaga


    May 24, 2013 by Master Plaga

    Maybe we should make it where you must be a member of the wiki to edit

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  • Master Plaga

    Book Content

    May 16, 2013 by Master Plaga

    I am adding character pages for characters in the books The Rising and City of the Dead; if you see pages that are odd. It is just content from those books.

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  • Master Plaga

    New Content

    May 3, 2013 by Master Plaga

    I am adding some new pages involving recent zombie novels. So if anyone else has read the books I mentioned (Zombie Apocalypse, The Rising and City of the Dead) please help out.

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  • Philodox

    In my humble opinion, this isn't a smoking gun. It's not concrete. It's not all settled. Like Yoga Berra says "It isn't over till it's over". But these are more bad signs. Damon Lindelof, the screenwriter, sounds like he is already apologizing and making excuses for the film. Anyway, Let's hope this is a case smoke, with no fire.

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  • Harkat

    armoured train

    April 4, 2013 by Harkat

    name a train its method of locomotion eg diesel how many cars it will have and what weapons will be on or in it (note if it had mounted guns they will stay the same so choose wisely)

    i would have a modified hurban armoured train it has:

    11 ZB-53 machine guns chambered in 7.92 mauser

    4 37mm guns in tank turret cars

    and an 8cm vz17 field gun in a cannon car

    i would also have hospital carts 

    the portable equipment of the machine gunners would be 

    a pps-43 very fast flying round and has very good penetration 

    a tokarev tt-33 for compatibility of amunition 

    and a crovel in combat its a axe spear hamer and a pick

    the equipment of the standard guards would be

    a g43 with a 4x mag scope good accuracy rof and range

    a OTS-14 groza 1 chabered in 7.62x39 

    a tokarev…

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  • Sabre Bob

    Unarmed Close-Quarter-Combat (CQC): Against Breathers ONLY

    Disclaimer: The following material is strictly for entertainment and educational purposes. Readers should be knowledgeable and compliant with all laws and regulations in their jurisdictions regarding the use of deadly force and weapons, yada, yada, yada. The author and any publisher of this material are not responsible for any misuse, harm, or damage resulting from the following material—in other words; it’s your own damn responsibility.

    Part 1

    I.                    "Dracula" Guard & Cover

    II.                  ' Forward Drive

    III.                ' Edge of Hand (EOH)

    IV.                'Tiger Claw & Palm Smash

    V.                  'Chin Strike

    VI.                '"Flick" Kick

    I.             "Dracula"…

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  • Sabre Bob

    Murphy’s Laws of Zombie Combat Operations

    1.      Murphy’s Law: “If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong at the worst possible time in the worst possible way”

    2.      Murphy was an optimist.

    3.      Keep it simple, stupid (but not as stupid as a zombie).

    4.      If it’s simple, and it works, it’s not stupid.

    5.      In Anti-Zombie combat, all the important things are very simple and all the simple things are very difficult.

    6.      Against zombies, automatic fire is suicidal, suppressive fire an idiocy, but friendly fire is eternally never friendly

    7.      It doesn’t matter how many seconds your grenade fuses are, grenades just create messy zombies.

    8.      Your weapon was made by the lowest bidder.

    9.      You can never have too much ammo

    10.  When in dou…

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  • Philodox

    The World War Z film will have a commercial spot during today's Super Bowl. You can see it eary on IMDb.

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