Tom Savini As Blades


Blades was a member of the motorcycle gang that assaulted the mall in which the protagonists had fortified against the zombies. Given that he was leading the biker gang in the looting of the mall, it may be assumed that he was the #2 biker, or "top man" of Sledge, the gang leader.He was a tall caucasion man with a moustache and sideburns, he wore a leather jacket with jeans. He was armed with various knives, a machete and a katana sword, he also had a small flick knife that was actually a moustache comb. Despite Blades' affinity for knives, he did also own a firearm like many other members of the biker gang. Blades would use his firearm to shoot zombies or people who were beyond the range of his knives. During the assault on the mall he survived the initial attack, he almost caught Peter but he escaped into the ventilation shaft, prompting Blades to shout "I See You... Chocolate Man". Blades was presumably killed when Peter shot him with his sniper rifle. The force of Peter's gunshot send Blades over the railings of the upper level where he fell into a fountain on the lower level. Note: Blades may have survived the gunshot and the water from the fountain broke his fall, only to crawl to safety before bleeding to death, this would explain how he had zombified relatively intact in Land. If he had of just laid where he had fallen, the zombies would have consumed his body. Blades was portrayed by Tom Savini.

Land of The Dead 

Having died in the previous film. He was shown as a zombie in Big daddy's group. He made cameo in scene where the zombies picking weapons, he's shown picking a machette

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