are the most common form of transmission of a zombie-carried disease, as these diseases are often transferred through bodily fluids. Bites range in area size, depth, and contact with blood vessels. The infection's incubation period depends on all of these things, as well as the specific type of zombie.

Viruses Communicable by Biting

The following is a list of viruses that can be transferred through a bite. For complete information, visit the wikia page under the same name.

Treatment for Bites

Bitten individuals take some time to turn, depending on the type of virus. This time can range from 12 hours (Solanum) to a few seconds (Rage Virus). Since no two human bodies are exactly alike, other factors, such as the victim's metabolism, can cause the process to take longer or shorter. If the bite is severe enough or these are multiple wounds that cause enough blood loss, the victim will die from that first, eliminating the need for the virus to do it and accelerating resurrection time. Since these conditions are as of yet totally incurable, the best thing to do with bitten individuals is to kill them before they turn, or allow them to commit suicide. This not only eliminates a zombie, it spares the victim the painful process of changing. It helps to calm the victim and prepare them for this, which can help keep a clear conscious when the time comes to put them down. The only way to do this is by destroying the brain and burning the corpse (excluding the Rage Virus in which case conventional methods of killing should work just as well, in this case burning is simply hygienic).

If the bite is on a limb, amputating the affected limb can, in some very rare cases, stop the infection before it spreads to the body's vital centers, although it is highly unlikely that it will work. If this method is attempted restrain the victim and keep under observation for at least 24 hours. If any signs of infection show terminate patient immediately. This method has little to no chance of working, and is not recommended. Although it may be emotionally crippling, if you are bitten, you will have to kill yourself. Even if you don't, the virus will, so suicide is actually the best thing you can do.

Some viruses clinically kill the victim, leaving them without vital signs and motionless for hours. This is another opportunity to destroy the now useless brain, as a precaution that they will not rise, and as a way to make the act slightly easier for their loved ones.