A moutain bike

The bicycle is a two-wheeled vehicle, used for short-distance transportation generally, it is also used for a variety of sports. Like all vehicles, they have advantages and disadvantages facing the undead.

Types of Bicycles

Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes are incredibly sturdy machines, built to climb tough trails and go over large rocks. This should be your first choice when looking for a general use bike, as you will probably be spending a lot of time going over dirt, rocks, curbs, and damaged roads. Just don't try going down a mountain at high speed in this thing. It can and will kill you as easy as any zombie can kill you unarmed.

BMX bikes

If you know how to ride one properly, then these can offer an incredible mix of speed and agility. They're smaller and lighter than other bikes, making them easier to store and ride in tight locations. Keep in mind however that this is a high-performance bicycle designed for professionals; it can be easy to crash one of these, especially if you try anything flashy.

Racing bikes

These bikes are very fast and light, with some capable of reaching highway speed. However they are not nearly as rugged as mountain bikes, and their tires are easier to puncture. If this is the only bike you have available then go ahead and take it, but unless you know that you will be travelling on a level surface it would be best to consider switching over to a mountain bike as soon as possible.

Hybrid bikes

Hybrid bikes are lightweight and fast like road bikes, but can handle more and are more comfortable, like mountain bikes. They cannot go on everything a mountain bike can, but still perform well on most of what you will be doing.

Cyclocross bikes

These are basically tough road bikes that can handle just about anything a mountain bike can. They are comfortable, and can handle more than a hybrid and a road bike.

Always be sure to get the highest quality bicycle. Visit your local bike shop and they will have a bike that will suit your needs. Some of the better bike companies include Norco, Specialized, Trek, Giant, Kona, BMC, and Cannondale.


Most people are taught how to ride a bicycle at a young age, so it can be used by most people. They are found nearly everywhere and are more common than cars. They only require what a human needs to operate, food and water. They are easily fixed and quiet, avoiding attracting zombies. The small size allows a rider to weave through traffic jams that will be found on motorways, taken up stairs and is carriable.


On a bicycle you are not well protected, either from a crash or zombie attack. To minimise the problem, wear protective gear. A bicycle lacks cargo capacity to what a person can carry. Many bikes are for fun, rather than endurance, so a high quality bike is valuable.

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