Night of the living dead ben03

Ben in the original Night of the Living Dead.

Ben (played by Duane Jones, and later Tony Todd) is the calm and resourceful protagonist in the 1968 film Night of the Living Dead and its 1990 remake.

1968 Role

Ben met Barbara at an old house and they boarded up the doors and windows to stay safe. After meeting Judy, Tom, Helen Cooper, Harry Cooper, and a sick child named Karen Cooper.

After attempting to go to the gas pump, he retreats back to the house and boards up the door again. After beating up Harry for leaving him outside, Ben retreated to the cellar and boarded up the door. And after coming out is shot and drug out and burned next to the zombie that was chasing Barbara at the beginning of the film.

1990 Role

Ben comes to a house and finds Barbara outside. After finding a TV and a radio, he finds a set of keys and assumes that they're for the gas pump.

After finding Judy Rose, Tom Bender, Helen Cooper, Harry Cooper, and a sick child named Sarah Cooper they work on the house and him Tom, and Judy go to the gas pump before Tom, and Judy are blown up. Ben retreats back to the house. After being shot by Harry he locks himself up in the cellar and finds that that's where the key to the gas pump and a radio are.

After Barbara gets help, Ben comes out of the cellar as a zombie and is shot in the head and killed.


  • Ben is one of only two characters in both films (the other being Harry Cooper) to get shot before or without becoming a zombie.
  • Ben's signature weapon is either a torch or a gun.
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