Amy is a character in The Walking Dead TV series.


TV Series


Amy (TV Show)

Prior to the outbreak, Amy was living in a dorm room while she was attending college in Atlanta, Georgia. She was on a road trip with her older sister, Andrea, when the apocalypse occurred, and were some of the many survivors to take refuge at the camp outside of Atlanta, Georgia. and made their home in Dale Horvath's RV camper. She was twelve years younger than Andrea, but that didn't cause any amount of tension between them. However, she was resentful of Andrea leaving her behind at home and not coming back often enough to visit and be part of her life. The experience of the apocalypse actually strengthened their bond, though Amy was still frustrated by Andrea correcting her and judging her, often telling her what to do. She also worshipped her older sister and wanted to be just like her. Amy was impetuous and eternally optimistic. She helped look out for the kids in the camp, was quick to defend others' actions when she saw them as being protective, and generally tried to keep the peace among her fellow survivors. During a zombie attack, she was bitten and died. Later, she reanimated into a walker, where Andrea shot her.

Comic Series

Amy was the younger sister of Andrea and joined the survivor group existing on the outer limits of the overrun city of Atlanta when the dead began to rise. Amy is the sister of Andrea, with whom she was traveling. Andrea was bringing her back to college in the early days of the disease. Amy and her sister cared for the group's children, and Amy herself, adventurous and out-going, became a key member of the group by keeping morale up. She, along with her sister, occasionally flirted with Dale in order to be allowed access to the RV.

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