Acquired Metasctructural Pediculosis is a ficitional virus that appears in the novel Pontypool Changes Everything by Tony Burgess.


The virus symptoms occur in three stages.

Stage 1- People began struggling with words. Infected people studder and get confused

Stage 2- Symptoms from the first stage get worse and people go insane.

Stage 3- Final stage, people become homicidal and will bite at people and will repeat words


This is where it gets highly confusing. It seems that the "virus" techinally does not exist; it exists in a different perception (in this case- the English language). The virus "copies" itself when you say and repeat an "infected" word; because of this the virus goes into an apocalyptic outbreak in Canada. The population of Ontario, Canada is largely devestated as people are killed by the "infected". Cause of death among the infected is that they snap their necks thus killing them.

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