Although this event appears to have taken place on or around 700 A.D., physical evidence comes in the form of a painting recently discovered in the vaults of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Analyses of the materials themselves fix the date listed above. The picture itself shows a collection of knights in full armor, attacking a mod of ragged men with gray flesh, arrows and other wounds covering their bodies, and blood dripping from their mouths.

As the two forces clash in the center of the frame, the knights bring their swords down to decapitate their enemies. Three "zombies" are seen in the lower right hand corner, crouching over the body of a fallen knight. Some of his armor has been pulled off, one limb ripped from his body. The zombies feed on the exposed flesh. As the painting itself is unsigned, no one has yet to determine where this work came from or how it ended up in the museum.

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