This story was related by Peter Stavros, a substance-abusing patient and former Special Forces sniper. In 1988, while under psychological evaluation at a V.A. hospital in Los Angeles, he related this story to the attending psychiatrist. Stavros stated that his team was in a routine search-and-destroy mission along the Vietnamese border. Their intended target was a village suspected of being a staging area of the Pathet Lao (Communist guerrillas). Upon entering the village, they discovered the inhabitants were in the midst of their own siege against several dozen walking dead. For unkown reasons, the team leader ordered his team to withdraw, then called in an airstrike. Skyraiders armed with napalm plastered the area, destroying both the living dead and the human survivors,

No documented evidence exists to corroborate Stavros' story. The other members of his team are either dead, missing in action, missing within the United States, or simply declined to be interviewed.

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