This excerpt was taken from an interrogation by a British Army officer of a captured Gikuyu rebel during the Mau Mau uprising (all answers come secondhand through a translator):  

Q:How many did you see? 


Q:Describe them. 

A:White men, their skin gray and cracked. Some had wounds, bite marks on parts of their bodies. All had bullet holes in their chests. They stumbled, they groaned. Their eyes had no sight. Their teeth were stained with blood. The smell of carrion announced them. The animals fled.  

An argument erupts between the prisoner and the Mosai interpreter. The prisoner grows silent.

  Q:What happened? 

A:They came for us. We drew our lalems (Mosai weapon, similar to a machete) and sliced off their heads, then buried them. 

Q:You buried the heads? 


A:Because a fire would have given us away. 

Q:You were not wounded? 

A:I would not be here. 

Q:You were not afraid? 

A:We only fear the living. 

Q:So these were evil spirits?  

The prisoner chuckles.

  Q:Why are you laughing? 

A:Evil spirits are invented to frighten children. These men were walking death.  

The prisoner gave little information for the rest of his interrogation. When asked if there were more zombies out there, he remained silent. The entire transcript appeared in a British tabloid later that year. Nothing was made of it.