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Unit 731 - Complex

Unit 731 complex where the Empire of Japan's biological weapons were tested on.


PLA guerrillas were trained for habitual headshots for any enemy encountered on the field.

In 1942, the Japanese government encountered a small infestation of zombies on a pacific Island mentioned in the travels of Francis Drake. They captured eight, and started the experiment "Cherry Blossom" which attempted to breed zombies using knowledge gained from Dr. Jan Vanderhaven's report 28 years earlier. However, they could not find any traces of Solanum, meaning they could not create "fresh" zombies without making them breed. They tried to train them as mindless drones, but 10 of 16 instructors were bitten, and it was decided to drop ten zombies on British and Chinese forces. One plane was hit by British AA-fire, killing everyone onboard. The zombies that dropped were killed by Chinese snipers, who had been habitually trained to aim for the head.