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Yet another recorded attack in zombie history. It is most recognized becase of the French Foreign Legion's bravery, valor, and will power. This attack is most memorable because of its duration. It is the longest assault by zombies ever recorded (and survived). The brave men of the French Foreign Legion stood their grounds for an outstanding three years! These men, though trained in combat but not zombie survival, did survive three whole years, their ranks were thinned amongst the years because of many failed attempts to climb over their defensive wall and run for help. Those brave men were surrounded by their attackers and eaten. These men only survived because of the fact that their fort was built around a well, and that they had a multitude of supplies and ammunition. Although the situation seemed dire, the men had one last ditch effort. Their plan was to equip all the remaining men with all the supplies they had left and open the gates, and let in the undead scourge. Colonel Drax was the man to open the gates. He did so and ran to his remaining allies. As the undead chased Drax, he was pulled away to safety by his allies. By letting almost all the zombies inside the fort, the remaining survivors maneuvered themselves outside the fort and forced the gate shut, thus trapping the zombies inside Fort Louis Philippe (the main gates opened inward; the zombies, trying to get out, did not or could not pull to open them). After sealing the zombies inside, the remaining forces dispatched what few zombies remained outside the fort with hand-to-hand combat. After the ghouls were dispatched, the forces then marched 240 miles to the nearest oasis at Bir Ounane.

Outstanding enough, 50 years later, a U.S. Army B-24 had been returning from a night raid on German troop concentrations in Italy when the his aircraft began running low on fuel over the Algerian Desert. They landed near what looked to be a settlement, so they investigated; what they found was Fort Louis Philippe. An excerpt from the journal of formgunner Anthony Marno says "What we found inside looked like a kiddie's nightmare. We walked to the courtyard and found skeletons, mountains of them! Good thing none of them were in the well huh?" Marno and his crew were picked up by a group of traveling Arabs. When the squad told the Arabs about their findings, they said nothing and disregarded what they said.

No later expedition was ever mounted.

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