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The travel diary of Sir James Ashton-Hayes, one of the many incompetent Europeans seeking the source of the Nile, reveals the probability of a zombie attack, and an organized, culturally accepted response to it. He describes a young African man returning to his village with a bite wound on his arm. The village witch doctor and tribal chief, after examining the wound and hearing the man's testimony, make a decision that shocks Hayes. The injured man bids goodbye to his family, then kneels before the chief, who smashes his head in with a large iron-tipped cudgel. Then ten of the tribe's warriors put down their spears, take up swords, and shout, “Njamba egoaga na era enge,” a Gikuyu phrase meaning, “Together we fight, and together we win or die." The party then leaves and, at an isolated location in the savanna, dismembers and burns the victim's body. When Hayes questions this, he is warned by his guide that the man would otherwise "rise again this night." Hayes neglects to identify this tribe, and his geographical data was later found woefully inaccurate, but the language of the battle cry was later identified as Gikuyu, locating the incident in what is now modern Kenya.

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